Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hot Weather and Your Animals

LEAVING YOUR PET IN YOUR CAR IS DEADLY…Remember a car can heat up inside to an OVEN in about three minutes. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS IN YOUR CAR. If you see a pet in a car, go inside of where that car is parked and ask the manager to make an announcement to have that person attend to their dog and if the dog looks in danger CALL THE POLICE. The police in many municipalities have the authority to remove the animal. Leaving an animal in a car in either frigid or hot temperatures is ANIMAL CRUELTY and an individual can be prosecuted.
Proper shelter which means a properly constructed dog house is the LAW. If you see a dog without proper shelter, call your local animal control or the NJ SPCA at l 800 582 5979. You can remain anonymous and they CANNOT reveal your name to the person about whom you are reporting.
A.1990/S.1282—Prohibits Confinement of Companion Animals in Vehicles in Extreme TemperaturesSupport Action Needed: Send letters to your state senator, your state assembly member, Assembly Speaker Silver and Senate Majority Leader Bruno, asking them to support A.1990/S.1282.

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