Thursday, October 4, 2007

Update on Cha Cha-pit bull rescued from AIDS patient in Camden City, NJ

WOW What a fabulous ending for this wonderful pit bull that we rescued from Camden City, NJ.

Last fall, Cha's owner was taken to a hospital in Northern NJ due to serious complications of AIDS and through extenuating circumstances, poor little Cha Cha was left all alone in his apartment. NJAFA recieved a frantic call from the owner's aunt asking someone to go and get the dog and take it to the shelter. We KNEW this poor dog would not stand a chance at the local shelter because she was older (over ten) and had serious medical issues (mammory tumors) so we took her in. We made arrangements to have the owner fax his surrender and permission to enter his premises from his hospital from N. Jersey to animal control in Camden. The dog was then surrendered officially to Kathy McGuire.

Our friends at Halo House kept her at their beautiful boarding facility for us and we raised funds to have Cha spayed and all her tumors removed. She spent almost three months recuperating from her surgery and from a severely infected paw. She was spoiled rotten and thank goodness her tumors were not malignant. Christmas and New Year's she got a special meal and she was not alone.

Then through arrangements with a private rescue Cha was transported to Manhattan by Kathy McGuire and one of Cha's benefactors where she was then taken the final leg of her journey by one of our friends at the Mayor's Alliance in New York.

Here Cha Cha is almost one year the good life on a 34 acre farm in Vermont and travelling the world. She and her new family have just returned from a trip to Nova Scotia ... what a lucky little girl she is......don't you agree?

Cha's owner is still alive and we communicate with him quite frequently to let him know that his beloved dog is doing so well. The previous owner himself is a saint for taking Cha from people that were using her for fighting and giving her the best possible life he could give her with what little resources he had himself.

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