Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cherry Dog Literally Saved by 5 Minutes from horrible gas chamber in Clayton Co. GA

MEET LITTLE CHERRY! (Name now changed to Penelope)

Ten week old boxer puppy literally saved from the gas chamber by minutes!

This is from a friend of the President of NJAFA who happened to be in GA last week. She was deperate to find a home for this little girl. The animal control where this poor little girl was taken is Clayton Co. Animal Control. The worst part is my friend had to PAY the animal control $75 for EACH one that was being gassed!

We are taking donations for her eye which will require a specialist.
Cherry is now with NJAFA and we will be looking for a home for her. She is very very sweet, loves other dogs and is a very calm little dog.
Do you know anyone who is looking for a really sweet, boxer x female -about l0 weeks old?
I was in GA for a week and just got back this morning. Yesterday, I went to one of the shelters there that still use gas. I can not believe how incredibly bad this shelter was!!!! The facility uses prisoners to care for the animals. The shelter was mostly filled with some really nice pits which were not available for adoption except by rescue. I saw a dump truck that picked up a huge pile of trash bags in which the dead dogs were put in. So sad. I saw the little boxer crammed in a little kennel filled with urine and feces. She had given up and was so hopeless and dejected. They were going to gas her that day. I just could not let that happen, so grabbed her and another little tiny -maybe 6 weeks old male puppy they were also going to gas. The girl is so incredibly sweet and now so happy and grateful to be out of that shelter. She does have cherry eye.

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