Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chester Success Story - Update

"Updated Success Story for Chester the Puggle".

Chester, the puggle surrendered in Camden City,NJ, with scarring on his back from a severe flea infestation, was adopted into his new home today in Pennsylvania.

It is always sad to give up an animal you have taken into your home to foster and nurture until they are ready to go to their forever homes. This picture was taken the day we drove Chester Bester to his new home.

A loving couple with no children or other animals (but tones of dog experience) and a big beautiful home with a fenced yard loved Chester the second they saw him!!! On his first day they have already spoiled him with tons of new toys, a new bed, collar and bowls.. He will really miss his wrestling buddy, Penny, but one of his humans is home ALL DAY and he will have a new buddy to wrestle with.

Another success story for an animal that someone didn't want. So far this year, NJAFA has placed over 12 ADULT dogs into loving homes and 20 PUPPIES!

Thanks to ALL that inquired about Chester.. we had over 200 inquiries about him but know we picked the absolute perfect home for this little guy. He is already allowed on the couch, in the bed, wherever his heart will take him with this loving couple.

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