Monday, November 12, 2007

In Memorium: Cliff

This poor little dog was given up by his human because he didn't want him because he was sick. My friends at Absolute Control Dog Training took him in and gave him a few weeks of great life He was found dead this weekend.

Here is the story. Dr. Severino had been at the farm which is why the message is from her.


Remembering Cliff
Cliff dropped his body suddenly ...

November 11, 2007 - Kathy Maguire from New Jersey Aid for Animals emailed Dr. Liz today to let her know that Cliff, one of the dogs that won everyone's hearts at the recent Animal Communication workshop in Southampton, was found dead yesterday at the Farm. Perry found him dead on the floor when he came into the office in the morning. As you all may know, Cliff had Addison's Disease and had a very good life after being rescued by Perry and his wife, Terri.
Perry said that the other two dogs were lying right next to him. He did not die alone.
Terri and of course everyone is extremely upset because Terri said that in the weeks after Dr. Liz and all of you in the class left, Cliff did extremely well.
Cliff's body was cremated.
Kathy Maguire's group, New Jersey Aid for Animals, will put him up on their Memory Page. Kathy and others have given donations on his behalf. If you'd like to donate as well, please either contact Kathy at or visit the NJAFA web-site at Perry and Terri Parks can be reached to offer condolences at
Dr. Liz was asked to sense Cliff to see what happened from his viewpoint. Upon connection, Cliff shared that his body very, very suddenly stopped making something his heart needed to keep beating, and his heart therefore stopped. Cliff is fine now and is on the next phase of his soul's journey.
DrLizandCliff2Left, Dr. Liz teaches healing touches and demonstrates them on Cliff. Afterwards, Cliff, whose human thought he would need to be euthanized even the day before the Workshop, became very energized, to the point where after the workshop, people didn't recognize him because he was so happy and active. Terri Parks said she is very grateful for the weeks of quality of life that Cliff had, as a result of the Workshop experience. Perry and Terri offer their sincere gratitude to our entire group!
"This was a sad email to write."
Maryrose Gainer for Dr. Liz
Dr. Elizabeth Severino is a world-renowned animal communicator, Ordained Spiritual Healer, and Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist who is certified and has qualified to practice in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere. She does private sessions and group sessions in-person, by telephone, by Internet, and in "sub-space." To make an appointment with her, please either email her at, contact her assistant, or telephone (856) 582-1700.

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