Saturday, November 10, 2007


Last week NJ Aid for Animals Founder, Kathy McGuire, coordinated a huge project of spaying and neutering ten feral female cats from a resident's yard in Camden City,NJ.

These residents with a home of their own and a fenced yard called desperate to help these poor cats and were very happy to leave them in their yard to feed and provide shelter but had no resources, equipment or funding to get them altered.

Kathy McGuire travelled to Camden (albeit via several trips) with live traps, cat carriers and the proper containment protocol (large dog crates with small cat carriers inside) in which the ferals had to remain for a few days before being released. She showed the owners how to care for the cats in the containment protocol.

For TEN cats this required a very large amount of equipment but in the end...great news... all ten were successfully trapped and altered and re released back onto this resident's property where they will live out their lives being fed and supported by the owners.

What a burden this takes from animal control and from the local shelter when we can educate the local citizens and provide a safe haven for trap and release.

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