Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Many of you have written to ask what has happened to this case.

Beause the prosecutor in Chiselhurst cannot hear the case due to a conflict of interest, the case was moved to Berlin Boro. There, because of another "conflict of interest" the case had to be moved again. Now another judge and prosecutor from two other municipalities in New Jersey have been chosen to hear this case BACK in Chiselhurst.

The new date and time should be available soon. NJAFA is calling the Clerk of Court in Chiselhurst on a weekly basis to follow up on the court date and we will post it as soon as it becomes available so that all of you who attended the last hearing will want to be present at the new one.

The letters and emails that were written on behalf of Coco have to BY LAW be sent with the original file on this case and we have been assured the file is intact with letters from PETA, HSUS and other concerned entitities.

More letters and faxes are needed to assure that if Councilman McCann is found guilty of animal abuse and for being responsible for freezing Coco's ten puppies to death, he receives a sentence that would include 30 days community service and $l,000 per dog fine. We would also like to have the mother dog Coco returned to NJAFA since she was left to be chained up outside Councilman McCann's mother's house for nine years where Coco gave birth to several litters. We also returned the mother dog Coco with heartworm and Lyme Disease.

If you would like to let the judge and prosceuctor know how you feel about this, please send your concerns to this address.

201 Grant Avenue

Chesilhurst, N.J. 08089
Tel. # 856-767-4153 or 4156
Fax # 856-753-1696

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