Sunday, September 16, 2007

Adoptable Pets The Magnificent Seven

Fourth of July came in with a bang this year; three Siberian Husky mixed girls and four boys were born to a beautiful Siberian Husky mom. However, because mom was malnourished, young and inexperienced, she experienced complications with the births and passed away.

The owner was also inexperienced, overwhelmed and confused as to what she should do with her puppies. Luckily, she remembered a former co-worker that helps rescue animals and is a foster-mom for NJAFA. As soon as the call was made, our volunteer ran to Camden to assist with the seven puppies that had gone 24 hours without their mother.

The puppies were immediately taken to our vet to be tested for Parvo and given a thorough health examination. All seven were given the green light to go home and the puppies are being nurtured with kid gloves by our fosters.

One foster has four pups. Liberty, (“Libby”) who is the team leader and loves to eat. Once they were introduced to ‘mush’, Libby laid across the entire plate, as if to tell the others to get their own plate. There is also “Betsy”(named after Betsy Ross) who is the smallest of this group; however, size does not matter as far as Betsy is concerned. When Libby decided to cover a plate of food, Betsy was doing the same at the second plate. Both girls are very affectionate and playful. This foster also has “Benny” and “Lenny”. Both boys are very attached to their surrogate mom and are the two bigger puppies of the group. Benny has longer hair and is usually referred to as “Gentle Ben”. Lenny, on the other hand, loves to call out for his mommy to let her know he loves her! All four have their mother’s crystal blue eyes!

In the second foster home, you have “Princess”, “Prince” and “Indy” (for independence). Princess is the smallest of the three, but she is the leader of the pack! She initiates all new ventures and is very playful. Indy has a longer coat of hair like his brother Benny. Indy is very laid back and affectionate, while Prince seems to be a bit more adventurous. Both foster moms bring all seven together at least once a week, so they can remain familiar with each other and go through the important transitional and socialization stages with their siblings.

All pups are being monitored by vets and expect to be fully vetted by August 30 and will be ready for their new homes on September 2nd. We are presently accepting applications for these darlings. Once applications have been received, they will go through a thorough process and all approved applicants will have the opportunity to meet with the litter and their foster moms.

Please be advised that it is a strict policy of the Board of NJ Aid for Animals that no dog will be adopted to an individual or family without a fenced yard.

For info on adopting one of these 7 puppies, please see NJAFA's website.

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