Saturday, September 15, 2007

Success Stories - Dempsey

Animal Control officers called NJAFA to ask if we would take this poor dog in that had been taken off the street and obviously been involved in a dog fight and used for dog fighting. The shelter where it would have to go would euthanize it because it had been used for fighting plus its wounds were so severe it would have been cost prohibitive to save this poor creature.

NJAFA aided poor Dempsey immediately. We raised funds to have surgery done on him immediately. Dempsey had his ear taken off because it was half off anyway. His body as you can see was scarred and battered. He was filthy dirty and thin.

Dempsey was a little lover boy and grew on the hearts of all of us. Although Dempsey was a sweet little boy and very very affectionate he could not be adopted to a family with another dog. Dempsey went to a very nice sanctuary for pitbulls and is living out his life there.

They love him and he will always have a special spot in our hearts.

This is Dempsey after he was all healed up and on the day he left for his forever home. We will never see him again but all those involved with his miraculous recovery sent love his way.

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