Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NJAFA Spay/Neuter Program in Camden

Once a week NJAFA goes to City of Camden LuLuand pick up dogs or cats that need to be altered. For those who don't have the transportation to take the animals to the spay/neuter mobile van that is in Camden, NJAFA drives them to the mobile clinic.

For those who don't have the money AND transportation, NJAFA pays for the altering and returns the animal back to owner that evening. We get our leads from people that already had the animals altered and have friends or family that need help, animal control, and from our "friends" in Camden that are on the lookout for animals that need altering.

"Lulu and Opal" are two little cats that no one wanted and were wondering the streets. We scooped them both up and had them altered, gave them their shots. Lulu, such a pretty orange cat, found a very nice home in S. Jersey. Opal had AIDS and some broken teeth. This poor little girl must have had a hard time eating, She would not have survived in Camden with a compromised immunity system too. A very kind woman has taken Opal (now named Marci) and will give her a wonderful life. Marci has had her teeth cleaned and fixed up. Thanks to these wonderful ladies who took these two great cats!

Please, click here to make a donation to NJAFA and help with our spay/neuter program!

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