Monday, September 24, 2007

Success Stories : Snickers

UPDATE 9/24/07 -

Snickers, a Cairn Terrier, was surrendered in Camden. He was filthy dirty, full of fleas, badly matted and fearful of men. Our friends at Animal Control Dog Training socialized and trained little Snickers and now he is in his forever home with Lucinda! What a happy ending for Snick A Doo Doo.


Don’t let this little guy’s funny teeth scare you off!!! He is a love bug. He rolls over on his tummy and loves to be petted. “Snickers” is a Shih Tzu mix. He had to be shaved down because he was so matted and full of fleas when he was surrendered in Camden City to our President, Kathy McGuire.

Poor little Snick-a-Doo-Doo……He also had a severe ear infection and flea bites all over his skin.

Snickers hair, although matted severely, was very long and once it grows back will have long beautiful hair … he is neutered, maybe 2 yrs old, all shots and sleeps next to the foster’s bed in his little crate all night without a problem. He also follows the foster around like a little SHADOW.

Snickers gets along fine with the other dog in the house (a Finnish Spitz) and doesn’t seem to mind the cats.

Snickers will do best with someone who is home or with someone he can ”travel” with so he isn’t left alone all the time unless there is another dog for him for company.

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