Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Portraits of Dempsey

DEMPSEY PORTRAIT – Tribute to a courageous and loving dog

This beautiful portrait done by Brendon Conners, a world-class animal portrait artist, is available for sale with l00% of the profit going to NJAFA.

This is Dempsey. A pit-bull that was used for dog fighting and had his ear ripped to shreds when we first got him.

He was brought to us because the local shelter could not keep him due to the expensive surgery he required and because they could not adopt out a dog (as in this case) was used for dog fighting.

We took Dempsey in and raised the funds to have his ear amputated. Once that was finished and he was on the mend, we took him back and forth to the vet for his follow up care and provided a safe and loving home for him.

Dempsey spent several weeks with us and then a few weeks with another foster while his transportation to a sanctuary was arranged through a third party.

Because two dogs from two other shelters could also not be adopted out, funds were raised and shared between Dempsey’s caretakers and supporters and the two other shelters to pay for the transport. The two other dogs accompanied Dempsey to the sanctuary where he continues to reside.

In honor of his courageous saga and journey back from hell, this beautiful color copy portrait l2” x l5” is available to commemorate his fabulous personality.

COST: $75.00*

The filet matted and framed color copy is signed by the artist.
COST: $250.00*

NJ Aid for Animals reserves the right from the artist of this copy for use in any NJAFA fundraising project.

* Plus applicable shipping

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