Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Success Stories- Cha Cha

Update: BREED: American Pit Bull Terrier
SEX: Female AGE: 9 years

This devoted dog was taken to a shelter after her owner was hospitalized in the terminal stages of AIDS. Without the intervention of Kathy McGuire, a DCO who is devoted to pit bulls, she would most certainly have been euthanized because of her age. Because it is the older dogs who especially touch our hearts, we at Out of the Pits are hoping that someone will offer Cha Cha a chance to live out her years in peace and happiness. More information will be posted here as we get to know this lovely dog. So far she's great with other dogs and ADORES people

Camden, New Jersey

December, 2006 NJAFA received a call from NJ Animal Rights that a dog had been left by its owner in an apartment in Camden, NJ. NJARA had pleaded with a couple of other rescue groups that do work in Camden, but they would not help. Because NJARA is headquartered in North Jersey, NJAFA was asked to intervene because of their work in Camden.

Kathy McGuire, President of NJAFA, obtained the proper surrender information from the owner and forwarded it to animal control to have the dog removed from the property.

Cha Cha, had been left for several days without her owner. She was in good shape but scared and lonely. Her owner would not be coming back ever.Cha Cha went into heat the second day she was taken in. She also had a severely infected paw from trauma to it that had not been treated.. The paw was oozing and very swollen

The kind owners of Halo House in Franklinville NJ gave Cha Cha a home at their kennel while we searched for a rescue and/or a home for her to go to.

Cha Cha was spayed, had several tumors taken off her neck and chest and four mammary tumors taken off (all begnin). One nipple had a large tumor on the end and because of the weight was very severe and hanging down almost to the ground

All during the time Cha was at the kennel NJAFA went to visit her and play with her. On Christmas Eve, we took her presents and played with her, on New year’s Eve day, we also visited her and made sure she knew someone cared about her. NJAFA also took Cha to all her vet appointments, check ups and to our home for “day trips” and transported her to NY for final leg to a pit bull rescue in Northern NY

We were lucky the rescue group took Cha as she would never have had a chance at the local County shelter where they are very high kill and are already over burdened with pitbulls. Additionally, she had so many medical issues money would not have been available.

Kathy McGuire spoke to the owner who is terminally ill with AIDS. Cha was treated very badly before her new owner of the last ten years rescued her. She used to go to work with him and they were together 24/7. He was a wonderful person to take in Cha Cha and give her a good home. He said he misses her very much.

Cha spent her last night in NJ at the McGuires sleeping with Kathy McGuire. Cha Cha was let out for the evening to potty which she did immediately, and came back in and went to sleep promptly through the night with no disturbances and no crying. Cha Cha slept next to Kathy the entire night with no fussing, crying or problem. She felt a human body sleeping next to her for first time in weeks.


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