Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Success Stories - Duece

Every Dog Has its Day" This Day was Deuce's.
Deuce's owner, after calling several other rescues in the area for help and not even getting a return phone call, finally reached Kathy McGuire, our President. Deuce's owner explained he had already spent $450!!! on this poor dog and was told the dog would probably die if it were not taken to an all night emergency care facility. The owner had no more money left for his dog. He begged us to help him. How could we turn down Deuce's little face?

Deuce was taken immediately to our wonderful vet who admitted Duece into intensive care. Deuce had Parvo a very contagious (and deadly) disease that is very common in Camden City. What the other vet had failed to ascertain as well is that Deuce also had intestinal torsion. Again, a fatal situation.

Little Deuce was probably not going to make it. The dog was already in a compromised situation with his immune system and still had to go under anesthesia to be operated on for the torsion.

It was touch and go for the four days Deuce spent in intensive care.

Every day our vet said it probably was a lost cause but we told him to do whatever it took to save this little guy.

Today, three weeks later, Deuce is home with his owner in Camden being a good boy.....except he really got spoiled on that boiled chicken and rice!!

The owner although not able to pay us back for this very expensive stay in hospital is helping NJAFA pass out flyers in Camden to let people know about spaying and neutering their animals.

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