Thursday, August 30, 2007

Success Stories - Miss Kitty

"MISS KITTY" - will bring a tear to your eye

Miss Kitty was also surrendered by her owner in Camden City, NJ because he had too many cats. She, too, would have had to go to local shelter. She is spayed/all shots/tested and is very friendly and loveable. She throws herself down and lies on her back so you can rub her full tummy!

Miss Kitty doesn't have tear ducts so she will require some daily tear drops of just plain/inexpensive artificial tears at CVS.

She will bring a tear to your eye when you see how sweet she is and how she likes to play. She goes CRAZY for the laser toy and her feather toy. She would give you hours of fun playing with her!

She can be seen at Petco in Cherry Hill.

UPDATE 7/20/07

Miss Kitty has been adopted by a very wonderful family who is giving her all the attention she deserves. They have no other animals or children and Miss Kitty will be spoiled rotten. She is already rolling over to have her belly rubbed and the new owners are loving her.....AND the owner takes the same medicine that Miss Kitty does so no problem with giving meds every day!!!

UPDATE 8/3/07

This is from Miss Kitty’s new owner:

NJAFA got Miss Kitty from a mentally challenged individual in Camden City named Bart. He is a loving and gentle person who is a true animal lover and had taken Miss Kitty into his home to get her off the streets but could not keep her any longer.

I am grateful to you and Bart for taking care of her and you can tell she was taken care of she is soooo loving. I am a dog person and always have been until I met miss kitty (we did change her name to Cooper, she is named after cooper river it's a special place we like to walk and picnic) She responds to cooper now, When we saw miss kitty and said come see her I was reluctant b/c I can't bear to see any animal in a cage my heart truly breaks anyway I went over to her and she licked me!! I never met an affectionate cat until her and then I asked her special need From that day on we went to see her everyday and I missed her so much when we would leave and felt she belonged with us, we are so lucky and happy to have her. Though I have always been a dog person b/c I thought they were so much more affectionate, she is the most affectionate animal I ever had!! I love her so much and I think we are very lucky to have her she is so good (except for attacking the feet!) She brings us laughs and love everyday what else could I ask for! She plays with her laser light every night and now after she catches her bird toys she walks around with them in her mouth like look at me!! She is eating well her dry and wet food.

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