Thursday, August 30, 2007

Success Stories - Precious

UPDATED 8/2007 - Adopted

Precious – Adorable Black Chow

What can we say about this little girl? Her owner was selling puppies on the streets of Camden and she was the only one left, so we told the owner we would take the puppy but we would PAY FOR the mother to be spayed and get all her shots.

Precious’ mother was spayed last Thursday courtesy of NJAFA after having had four litters of puppies. She is an adorable little dog and the father is a full bred black chow whom we have not been able to locate. We were able to find the owner of Precious’ sibling and we will be having that puppy altered as well.

Precious is currently living with a foster who has small children, a baby, a large German Shepherd and two other small dogs. She is paper trained, crate trained and friendly with cats….she doesn’t mouth like most puppies .. 4.9 pounds and 9 weeks old…she loves to be held and will be about 40 pounds full grown

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