Friday, November 16, 2007

Chiselhurst Councilman Allegedly Freezes Puppies to Death

"Chesilhurst Councilman Robert McCann allegedly freezes puppies to death.
Coco and puppies finally get their day in court.

Many of you may have followed the case from February 7 when a mother dog Coco was chained to her doghouse and gave birth in freezing weather to l5 puppies. All but five died. The court case is coming up on
Friday, December l4 at 9:30 am in Chiselhurst, NJ (near Waterford and Atco) at 201 Grant Ave in the Municipal Building.

Please send your letters to the prosecutor at this address to show your support or just plan to attend that day. Some of the dead puppies pictures can be seen on our website on the front page. Coco's surviving puppies can also be seen there.

Thanks to everyone who showed up last time. A conflict judge and prosecutor have been brought in for this case so the case WILL BE HEARD and decided on that day.
Councilman McCann wanted a JURY TRIAL but it was DENIED. Kathy McGuire will be testifying on this day for the NJSPCA.

For more information contact Kathy McGuire
856 498 3978

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